Reservation and Stay Policy


Policies – Updated 01/01/2019


  • Check-out by 11:00 A.M. or by arrangement, we are flexible on this.
  • Check-in by 2:00 P.M. or by arrangement; again, we are flexible, tell us what you need.


  • Payment is due upon booking a room.
  • We cannot hold a room unless we have a credit card.
  • We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
  • We do not accept checks.


  • 72 hour prior notice without which no refund will be given.

Early Departure:

  • Once you have booked a room for a certain number of days, you will be charged for those days; no refund for leaving early.


  • Items broken, damaged or missing will be charged to your card.
  • There is a $1000 cleaning fee for smoking in the building.


  • No partying. There is a difference between an adult beverage after work and getting drunk.
  • Being drunk will result in immediate expulsion, trespass from the property and no refund.
  • Harassment of another guest will result in the police being called and possible arrest and/or prosecution.


  • By City Ordinance No Smoking in or near the building.
  • Smoking is permitted away from the building.
  • There is a $1000 cleaning fee for smoking in the building.


  • We offer you free Wi-Fi when you stay with us. However, internet is very expensive here in Bethel. VOIP, Skype, heavy file sharing, downloading, etc. that uses bandwidth is to be avoided. Streaming Movies (Netflix, Prime Video, Etc.) are especially expensive and should not be used.
  • You will be charged for overages, and GCI overage charges are expensive.
  • Our Wi-Fi is reserved for surfing and email. If you expect to be using serious internet (over 5 gigs), let us know; we can work with you on this; we are flexible.

Special Requests

  • Any special needs or requests are welcome.
  • We cannot guarantee we can accommodate these needs/requests, but we will do our very best.
  • Call us or email us!